We are a movement to create accessible and affordable Ivy League-level design education

Our Mission Statement

  1. We produce top-grade open-source educational materials by the world's design elite. Through free and open access to top-grade educational materials on how to design technology, we educate millions of technology designers on how to make more people-oriented and easy-to-use technology—such as websites, household appliances, software applications, and mobile devices.
  2. We advocate great design through our social media reach of 2 million people every month as well as initiatives such as our 30,000 mile bike tour with weekly stops, university pep rallies, and a great media coverage. For us, advocating great design is a battle against frustrating, time-consuming, and poorly designed technology that drains our productivity, dignity, and sometimes our sanity. Better design of technology will improve everyone's quality of life.
  3. We facilitate Local Groups of learning and career advancement. With 487 Local Groups in 97 countries , we enable designers to meet up, learn, discuss, and become inspired. Our Local Groups are a great place to meet your future employer, employee, client, or friend.
  4. Through our paid services—for example, online instructor-led courses—we help lower the cost of design education globally. We help other designers hone their skills through education, networking, and career development. We believe that design education—of Ivy League quality—should be financially accessible to everyone, so we continually expand our curriculum, maintain low membership costs, and thus strongly live after the UNESCO statement, "Universal access to high quality education is key to the building of peace, sustainable social and economic development, and intercultural dialogue."
  5. Through Company Memberships, we don’t just instruct great UX design, we inculcate it within real teams who are impacting the world with their products. Through our corporate training programs, we help companies increase both profitability and consumer loyalty. After all, businesses run better on better-designed technology.
  6. We foster synergy between academia and high-tech companies. We mix top professors from Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, etc. with elite industry designers from Google Research, Apple, IBM Research, etc. And together we produce top-grade and open-source learning materials to the benefit of both industry and academia all over the world.
  7. We provide aid for educational institutions and companies in developing countries by giving them free access to materials that otherwise would be out of their financial reach. In fact, 20 % of our readers are from developing countries, and the number is increasing exponentially. Education is the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty.
  8. We modernize the publishing industry by building a conceptual, legal, editorial, and technical platform for the publication of first-rate online material in a world where 1) people prefer free content over paid content for reasons of both time and money, 2) the physical book is being outmaneuvered by the e-book, and 3) authors prefer that publishers use technology to maximize readership and not use it to limit readership as in the case of paywalls.