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Enhance Your Real-World Skills

Learn UX Design, User Research, User Interface Design and more with expert mentors and facilitators through projects, critiques and presentations.

Available Bootcamps

Upskill in User Experience, User Interface Design or User Research to land your dream job and grow your career. Whether you’re new or whether you have prior experience and skills, your facilitator works one-on-one with you to ensure you get exactly what you need from the bootcamp you choose.

Enroll now for either August or September bootcamps, whichever suits you best. Select from the bootcamps below to learn more and help you decide which bootcmap is right for you.

Already know enough in UX to skip ahead? Choose the UX Portfolio and Career bootcamp to focus exclusively on your portfolio, job interview prep and recruiter feedback.

How You Will Learn

From industry experts behind the course development and creation, to trained course facilitators with their own field expertise and experience, you are in great hands! Add to the mix the ability to connect with mentors from our mentor community, an IxDF Bootcamp program sets you up for success!

Live One on One Sessions

Get the critique, answers and confidence you need to move forward in your project delivery and skills development process.

Our bootcamps include weekly individual sessions with your facilitator as well as sessions with expert mentors you select from our community of industry professionals.

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Live Group Collaboration

Great UX results never happen alone, so we believe great UX learning shouldn’t either. Collaborate with expert facilitators and other talented students like you through workshops, group critiques and Q&A sessions to supercharge your skills and build your professional network.

Case Study Project

During a Bootcamp, you will work on a larger Case Study Project and experience an entire design process through its lens, via a series of smaller weekly projects. You will go through each step, incrementally translating theory into deliverables, and submit your work at each stage of the project.

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Student work: Miglena Lapavicheva, UX Fundamentals Bootcamp

Why Choose an IxDF Bootcamp

Pay Less, Pay Flexibly
Mentor meetings

Costs 80% less than other UX bootcamps, despite more senior facilitators. The difference? We’re focused on you, not on profits.

Mentor meetings

All you need is 8-10 hours/week for 12 weeks. Flexible and easy to fit into your busy schedule, even if you work or study full-time.

Mentor meetings

Learn from anywhere—all you need is a computer and internet. You’ll make friends from around the world!

Real-World Learning
Mentor meetings

Get feedback and guidance on your projects from experienced facilitators and mentors who are actively working on UX projects and in UX industries.

Job Readiness
Mentor meetings

Get closer to your dream job with confidence. All IxDF Bootcamps are based on industry practices, processes and tools to prepare you as a UX practitioner.

Case Study Project
Mentor meetings

Learn by doing—at the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have a full showcase of deliverables that represent your case study process resulting in a final Case Study Project.

1:1 and Group Critique
Mentor meetings

Learn and grow with your peers in group sessions as well as individually through 1:1 sessions with mentors and course facilitators.

Industry Recognized
Mentor meetings

Employers worldwide will recognize your Bootcamp Certificate. IxDF is the world’s largest online design school with 130,015+ graduates.

Bootcamp Schedule

Your 12 week commitment launches with a week of orientation where you will be onboarded to the tools and platforms you will use, as well as an introduction to your fellow designers and facilitators. The 10 week course then kicks into gear, has a well-deserved break after week 5, and concludes in the 10th week with a small ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments. Live sessions such as lectures, design critiques and workshops occur on scheduled days per week, with the workshops being the only mandatory sessions. These are skills development workshops which empower you to complete each task with confidence after practicing the skills involved, often as a group. The other sessions are highly recommended, of course, but are designed to work with you and your personal schedule.

We continuously update our curriculum based on ongoing student feedback and to keep up with big shifts and changes in the industry.

Our Graduates Work For Top Employers

What Our Graduates Say

Emily Wright

Visual Designer of Installation Art
Through the program, I learned the tools—research interviews, user personas, task flows, pain points. It has empowered me to speak up and say I have the knowledge to make our online community better our members.

Arielle Strakhov

Digital Marketer at ParentsTogether

Arielle Strakhov is an experienced digital marketer who chose the IxDF to improve her user research skills, build her portfolio and transition to a career in UX. Arielle’s new skills have already helped in her digital marketing work and have put her on the path toward an exciting career in UX design.

Adesh Shah

Principal Investigator and Professor at Algonquin College

Adesh Shah conducts research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a very technical field. When he wanted to expand his ability to understand and design for users, he researched his options and chose the IxDF.

Natalie's Picture
At the end of the day, you’re taking a bootcamp for concrete skills to show. This bootcamp is going to deliver on that.

You’re getting a super high-quality experience and level of education in just about twelve weeks. You can’t beat it!

Brigette LeVert

IxDF Bootcamp Student

Check Out Our Industry Reviews

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“Interaction Design Foundation offers something for everyone, no matter where you’re at in your career.”
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full-start full-start full-start full-start half-start
4.7/5 “Excellent”
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4.66/5 “Excellent”
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9/10 “I highly recommend it for anyone.”

Compare IxDF With Other UI/UX Bootcamps

IxDF Bootcamps don’t just lead the industry in affordability—when it comes to all other aspects of the bootcamp experience, we’re at par (and sometimes ahead) of others. All this while continuing to provide you with high quality at low costs.

Interaction Design Foundation
Career Foundry
Career Foundry
Flatiron School
FlatIron School
General Assembly
General Assembly
Number of UX Bootcamps 4 2 1 1 1
Price Per Bootcamp $2,992 $7,999 $16,900 $14,950 $12,150
Industry Experience 20 yrs 9 yrs 11 yrs 11 yrs 10 yrs
Peer Reviewed Content
Online Global Community
Optional Meetings in Your City
Suitable for Beginners
Group Critiques
Live Practical Workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between taking an IxDF course and taking an IxDF bootcamp?

The IxDF courses are self-paced and designed for independent study without the assistance of a mentor or instructor.

Whereas, with an IxDF bootcamp, you’ll have:

  • An in-depth curriculum + recommended schedule of daily and weekly activities

  • Live class discussions with a facilitator

  • Personalized feedback on projects and peer critiques from your facilitator

  • Discussions and forums with your fellow students

  • A virtual classroom and common room environment

Will I be able to take the bootcamp if English is not my first language?

You can take the bootcamp as long as you are comfortable with reading, writing and speaking English—even if it isn't your first language

We welcome students from around the world, and in recognition of the fact that English will not be everyone’s first language, we’ve maintained a simple level of English in all our materials. And if you occasionally do get stuck, don’t worry—your facilitator will be able to help you!

What makes an IxDF bootcamp different from the others?

Over the 20 years that we've been helping people start their careers in UX and related fields, we've constantly worked to understand what employers expect from aspiring designers, and where conventional bootcamps fail to deliver. Time and time again, employers have reported the same concern to us—that many popular bootcamps fail to produce students with the adequate depth and breadth to work effectively in a real UX or product team.

Many bootcamps pack introductions to UX, UI and User Research into a single bootcamp, often leaving students without enough time or opportunity to really master each area. Since these bootcamps do not offer enough depth and breadth in these areas, their students are often unable to showcase the expected variety and mastery of concepts to employers.

At IxDF, each bootcamp will give you exactly the kind of breadth and depth employers expect in each area. You'll devote an entire 12-week bootcamp to learning about a specific domain, and you'll create a Portfolio Project with tons of real deliverables for your portfolio. At the same time, because each specialization gets its own bootcamp, you still have the freedom to pick only those that are relevant to your goals.

In a nutshell: Employers want to see depth and variety in portfolios, which students struggle to achieve through conventional bootcamps that are also longer and more expensive. IxDF offers shorter, specialized bootcamps for a fraction of the price which help students to achieve mastery over UX and related fields, making them better prepared for the demands of a real job and giving them an advantage even in a competitive job market.

Can the bootcamp fit around my current job or studies?
Absolutely! We believe no one should have to put their life on hold to learn and improve their careers, so you can rest assured that with IxDF bootcamps, you'll never have to.

The bootcamp is fully online and part-time, where you'll have the flexibility to learn across 12 weeks. While you will need to be available at specific times for live lectures and meetings, these will be during weekdays at specific times that you will know well in advance.

To make it even easier for you to plan your schedule, we've maintained these activities on the same day most weeks. For example, live class discussions may always fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same time, allowing you to plan other meetings and errands around it easily.

You can also work on lessons and project work flexibly based on your schedule. Deadlines, while strict, are spaced well enough to give you time for your job, studies or busy home life.
Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
If you're unhappy with your bootcamp experience, you can inform us at any time and we'll do our best to find a resolution for you. If despite our best efforts, you still wish to quit the bootcamp, you can request a refund. To be eligible for the refund, you should request it within the first 14 days of the bootcamp.

Beyond the 14 days, we don't process refunds. However, if there's anything we can improve or fix for you, you will have our dedicated support right through the bootcamp.
What’s the difference between the Design League Membership and doing a Bootcamp?

The Design League membership is a monthly membership that gives you 2 hours of non-structured discussion time with a coach each month. However, the Design League does not include coach participation outside of the 2 hours of calls.

If you’d like more hands-on guidance than what the Design League offers, the bootcamp could be right for you. In contrast to a Design League membership type, the bootcamp is a full-fledged program packed with guidance from a facilitator.

  • As you learn fundamental theory and concepts, you'll be guided by experienced facilitators.

  • When you work on your case studies, your facilitator will help you every step of the way.

  • Moreover, if you enjoy learning with your peers, the bootcamp also includes peer reviews and live group sessions/discussions.

In short, as compared to the Design League, the bootcamp offers a more structured approach to learning, and more opportunities to interact with facilitators and fellow students.

Will I get a certificate once I complete an IxDF bootcamp?
Yes, you’ll get a digital certificate that’s displayed on your IxDF profile, and you can also share it on LinkedIn like all our course certificates. You'll also receive a downloadable copy that you can print and share if any employers or recruiters need you to.
What is the quality of IxDF bootcamps compared to other UX bootcamps?
The content in IxDF courses and bootcamps are developed by and with industry-recognized leaders in UX Design. Just like in our self-paced courses, the content in the bootcamp is created by people who have both worked in the industry and taught UX academically. This means that you’ll learn from people who are experts at teaching UX concepts and are also extremely well-versed with the nuances, demands and responsibilities of a real UX job.

Our selection process for mentors and instructors is extremely rigorous and selective. We go the extra mile to ensure that all our bootcamp teaching staff are equally skilled as educators and practitioners, with a proven track-record and 5-15 years of experience. In this aspect, IxDF bootcamps are ahead of the industry—many other bootcamps hire their own recent graduates as instructors. At IxDF, we insist that our instructors have worked on varied projects and held leadership roles in the industry.
If I purchase one bootcamp, will I get access to all other bootcamps?
When you sign up for a bootcamp, you get access just to the specific bootcamp that you signed up for. If you'd like to join other bootcamps, you will have to sign up for them individually.

If you work or study full-time, we recommend taking only 1 bootcamp at a time so that you can manage the workload and time commitments without getting burnt out. We have rolling enrolments for all bootcamps, so you can always start with one bootcamp and make your way through the others without waiting too long.