UX Design for Virtual Reality

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How This Course Will Help Your Career

Enter the world of Virtual Reality (VR)—the new frontier of UX design! Immerse yourself in this fascinating course that will equip you with the skills, knowledge, methodologies, and best practices to design compelling, user-friendly and memorable VR experiences with UX design. 

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What You Will Learn

  • Gain insights into VR’s exciting landscape and how to transfer UX design principles to this medium. 

  • Grasp the iterative design process, and how to transition from 2D to 3D design paradigms.

  • Master user research and user testing techniques for the VR environment.

  • Discover how to design for presence and immersion through key VR elements such as storytelling, sound design, spatial audio, and emotion design.

  • Learn about the world of social VR, the metaverse and their amazing potential. 

  • Explore interface and interaction design, and how to design user-friendly and engaging interaction in immersive media. 

  • Examine the importance of comfort, safety, and inclusivity in VR, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional domains.

  • Conceptualize, create, and refine VR prototypes. Learn the skills to critically evaluate VR designs with heuristics and usability testing so that they align with industry best practices. 

Virtual reality is a multidimensional universe that invites you to bring stories to life, transform digital interactions, educate with impact and create user-centric and unforgettable experiences. This course equips you with the skills and knowledge to embrace the possibilities and navigate the challenges of virtual reality.

UX Design for Virtual Reality is taught by UX expert Frank Spillers, CEO and founder of the renowned UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. Frank is an expert in the field of VR and AR, and has 22 years of UX experience with Fortune 500 clients including Nike, Intel, Microsoft, HP, and Capital One.

In UX Design for Virtual Reality, you’ll learn how to create your own successful VR experience through UX design. Informed by technological developments, UX design principles and VR best practices, explore the entire VR design process, from concept to implementation. Apply your newfound skills and knowledge immediately though practical and enjoyable exercises.  

In lesson 1, you’ll immerse yourself in the origins and future potential of VR and you’ll learn how the core principles of UX design apply to VR. 

In lesson 2, you’ll learn about user research methods, custom-tailored for the intricacies of VR.

In lesson 3, you’ll investigate immersion and presence and explore narrative, motion and sounds as design tools. 

In lesson 4, you’ll delve into interface and interaction design to create your own user-friendly, compelling and comfortable VR experiences.

In lesson 5, you’ll gain insights into prototyping, testing, implementing VR experiences, and conducting thorough evaluations.

After each lesson you’ll have the chance to put what you’ve learned into practice with a practical portfolio exercise. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a case study to add to your UX portfolio. This case study will be pivotal in your transition from 2D designer to 3D designer. 

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Is This Course Right for You?

This course is suited to a wide range of professionals and is a practical handbook for anyone interested in UX design for virtual reality experiences.

In particular, this course will benefit:

  • Designers looking to develop their skills in an exciting, rapidly-evolving medium.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to diversify or elevate their offerings with virtual reality experiences.

  • Product managers in search of ways to deepen their impact and improve the overall experience and results of their products and services.

  • Anyone with the enthusiasm to explore a new frontier of design and create experiences with endless possibilities. 

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Lessons in This Course

  • Each week, one lesson becomes available.
  • There’s no time limit to finish a course. Lessons have no deadlines.
  • Estimated learning time: 15 hours 39 mins spread over 6 weeks .

Lesson 0: Welcome and Introduction

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 45 mins.

Lesson 1: Journey into UX for VR

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 47 mins.

Lesson 2: VR User Research Essentials: From Analysis to Action

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 21 mins.

Lesson 3: How to Design for Immersion and Presence in VR

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours 29 mins.

Lesson 4: How to Design Interactions and Interfaces for Immersive VR

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 24 mins.

Lesson 5: From Idea to Interaction: VR Prototyping and Testing

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 54 mins.

Lesson 6: Course Certificate, Final Networking, and Course Wrap-up

To be scheduled.

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